River Farm Garden Park

River Farm Garden Park is nestled on the Potomac in Alexandria, VA.  It is the perfect place to spend the afternoon having a picnic with your little one!  This park is part of the American Hortircultural Society but is open weekdays to the public, and the grounds are beautiful.  The grounds itself offers literature to read about all of the gardening and different types of local flowers that are grown there.  There is an education office with people to answer questions and give tours and everything is self-labeled so it is easy to walk around and enjoy the sites and learn about the gardening that takes place there.  It is all set in a beautiful, colonial setting. 

This is a great place to take your toddler to run around for a couple hours, or to enjoy a picnic.  There is plenty of climbing areas and manipulatives available.  There are also plenty of big and smaller tables set up just for that beautiful lunch hour in the garden.   I went there not really knowing what to expect and was pleasantly surprised.  There is plenty of nature’s beauty as well as the history.  It is very easy to get to, just down the road from Mount Vernon.  These gardens also make the perfect backdrop for a wedding.  It is such a beautiful and romantic setting overlooking the Potomac.  I would highly suggest checking out the River Farm and Gardens on a beautiful and sunny day!

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