The Annapolis Sailing Boat Show

The sailing show in Annapolis is an awesome event for the whole family. There are so 
many fun boats to see and lots of yummy treats for the little one. There is also 
lots of fun bar booths set up for the adults. The docks are set up so that you can walk 
through the boatshow and look at different sailboats, charters, vacation deals, and 
much more! You do not have to be interested in purchasing a boat or a boat 
membership to enjoy this show. You should be able to have a love for the water 
and being on it though if you are interested in attending the show. The 
Annapolis sailing boatshow gives you different ideas about vacation and different 
types of memberships that you can buy to enjoy without having to own a 
boat. And nonetheless it is a fun day in Annapolis with sunny weather to just 
enjoy the town itself. The event itself was reasonably priced and the next event 
will be in the middle of winter. But it will still be worth checking out for 
somebody that enjoys being on the water and sailing. All of the vendors were very 
excited about seeing children and giving them lots of cool loot.  It was a fun family 

A Historical American Girl Tea Party

What an adorable event!  This American Girl tea party took place a couple of weekends ago at the historic Carlyle House in Alexandria, VA.  Young girls were able to bring their American Girl dolls and enjoy a "historic tea party".  This event is historic not just because of how fun it is and the enjoyment the children get but it is hosted by a colonial woman (a character) from Williamsburg.  The girls all had a lot of fun watching her explain the proper way to pour and drink tea.  All of the girls got to sit at the "princess" table as it was decorated for each girl with a small tiara for their doll as well.  After the tea demonstration the girls were then able to leave their dolls at the table for the doll's tea party and they girls were able to join their family, or friends, for small tea sandwiches, scones and of course tea.  The event is catered beautifully and the food is delicious.  Everything is decorated with a historic colonial flair and is very elegant.  It was a beautiful fall day and sitting out on the patio of the historic Carlyle House was so delightful.  It was a beautiful day and event to take a young girl to.  And as a mom I am happy to say that it is nice to see that the tickets were only $15!

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The Carousel at National Harbor

For all moms in the Washington DC area, the Carousel in National Harbor is a do not miss for the summer! National Harbor is directly across from Old Town Alexandria, VA, crossing into Maryland over the Potomac River, the Carousel can’t be missed. It is located right as you come off of the bridge and enter into the harbor, it is right along the river. The setup is perfect! There is a big kid’s park as well as a little baby area with play equipment. The park alone is great. The play equipment is fun and it is all gated it. And in the park is a Carousel! The prices are great, you can get an unlimited day pass for only $5.00. That all being said, you can take your children out for a couple of hours and they will have lots of fun with great entertainment. There are also picnic tables there so you are able to bring in food and drinks. It is also so nice how they have reclining beach chairs for the parents to watch their children. It is such a cool little park. It is just enough to make a couple of hours super enjoyable. And if you get tired of the park there are plenty of restaurants and shops to walk around to. National Harbor is always playing lively music, or live music with performances and there is a beach area that is super fun for children to also run around on. So activities are readily available and both mom and child will not be disappointed!
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The National Aquarium of Washington DC

The National Aquarium of Washington DC is the perfect place to take a young
toddler. It is on the smaller size of the aquariums been that it is only one
floor. When you first walking you see a bunch of little alligators. That
separates all of the fish. The fish are in smaller size tank and are a bit
higher up off the ground so for some children it is a little more difficult to
see unless the parent pick them up. The really cool thing about this aquarium is
that there are fish from all over the world from different preservations. The
National Aquarium of Washington DC took samples of different fish and their
habitats and put them in each tank. They even have one from the Potomac River.
It is very interesting to see the differences between saltwater and freshwater
fishes and habitats. One of the criticisms of this aquarium is that it is so
small and it costs at least $10 to get in. But I do think that people know what
they are getting into when they go there and the money goes to support the fish,
habitats and the ocean, which are all great causes. There is also endless
amounts of information on each fish and habitat as you go through the aquarium.
There is also an interactive area for children with a lot of hands on
manipulatives. And the gift shop offers a lot of fun souvenirs. Though some
adults may have the criticism of getting bored by this one for aquarium, I
believe it is the perfect place to take a young child especially on a cold day.
They love the fish and will be entertained for hours! It is the perfect amount
of entertainment for a young child to not be overwhelmed with and to learn and
be excited about the ocean.
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