The Nutcracker

A must do for the Christmas holiday season in the DC area is the Warner Theater to see
the Washington Ballet's The Nutcracker. It is truly a special event that captures the
the classic version of The Nutcracker along with local flare that makes it so
special and unique. The show starts off in Georgetown on
Christmas eve, Clara is given a nutcracker that happens to be portrayed as
George Washington and the classic story of the nutcracker happens with a lot local
flair that keep popping up through out the whole performance. In the second
act, during the spring, they even have cherry blossoms all over the stage which
makes a beautiful backdrop. The set design itself is gorgeous with so much
detail. The snow sequence and cherry blossom scenes were breath taking.
The effort and detail that went into the set design is just as amazing as the performers.The Warner Theater as a whole was very impressive. They cater to the children
that would be coming to see this performance. There is a grilled cheese bar
with lots of fun and yummy options and also an adult bar with lots of drink
options. Inside the lobby it was decorated just as nice as the sets that were
inside the auditorium. Everything was ready for Christmas. The Warner theater
is a must see with all of their decor and the performance and show itself is
nothing less of that. The dancers were beautiful, they hit all of
their marks and points with the music. The costumes were amazing.
Everything looked beautiful on stage. I do have to say that it was interesting
that there was no orchestra at the ballet, it was all on a CD. I thought that was
going to take a ways from the feel of the ballet for me, but everything else was
so picturesque and beautiful there was no need to think about the orchestra not being
there. The Nutcracker during the holiday season is a tradition and
special event, and at the Warner Theater they truly made it a memorable time for
everyone that goes. If you have extra cash this holiday season to see a
beautiful show, this is the one check out!

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