Check out Chique Handmade Cards!!!!

Chique Handmade Cards, based out of Washington, MO , is a one woman shop.  Run by Heather Hauck, this shop is able to make just about any card you can dream up, and it’s all done with style in mind.  Right now, Heather is working on the new line of Christmas, Chanukah,  and Kwanzaa cards for the holiday season.  These lines will be debuting sometime in October.  Check out Chique Handmade Cards’ Facebook page,,  and Etsy page,,  for details.   For any type of card for any occasion, or just because, try Chique Handmade Cards.  Chique cards with style in mind!

This is a great find that we just discovered so check it out!!!!  Great for a child's birthday or holiday!