The Awakening Beach

Living in the DC Metro area it is hard to just pack up and drive to the beach, especially if you have small children. Going right over the Woodrow Wilson Bridge to Maryland's National Harbor, you will find an easy, cheaper version of the beach at The Awakening statue. As an avid surfer, I would go to all lengths to get to the beach and enjoy the ocean and get out on my board. And as someone that has moved here from a southern California beach atmosphere, it is tough to have to drive 3 hours to get there. Discovering the beach area around The Awakening is a cheap way to cheat taking your child to the beach. Children love to play in the sand and this is one big sand pit with a huge statue to play on. The breeze from the water also feels really nice. If you are a stay at home mom this is an alternative to taking your child to a swing set park during the middle of the week.

National Harbor is a tourist trap, but with that comes a lot of yummy restaurants, such as La Rosa Mexicana, which is right on the water and has delicious guacamole. You can take your child to play at the beach and then go up the stairs for some great Mexican food and margaritas while taking in the view of the Potomac. There are also plenty of hotels, all from budget to luxury, to stay in. The most recognizable for the area is the Gaylord Hotel. It is huge, full of luxury and a destination in its own. All which if not just coming across the bridge for a quick visit, is walking distance to the small beach. During any day of the summer you will find the beach full of children building sand castles, playing on the statue and looking for crabs. Just as if you were at a real beach three hours away. It is worth taking your child for a couple hours this summer to go explore the beach at The Awakening.
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