Luau in Poipu.. The Hyatt

One thing every vacationer must do while visiting the Hawaiian Islands is participating in a luau. While visiting the island of Kauai, I had the pleasure and enjoyment of going to a luau at the Hyatt Hotel in Poipu. Visiting the hotel itself is a great treat because the grounds alone are worth seeing. It is very lush and green with beautiful flowers everywhere and there are a dozen of spots to take the perfect picture. The luau grounds are set on a lawn with the beach directly behind the stage and entertainment. This sets the scene for a very picturesque and entertaining show; not to mention that there are beautiful pools surrounding the area which make you feel like you are secluded from the rest of the hotel. The setting itself sets a very high precedence for what the event will unfold. Before the show starts there is a lot of entertainment to enjoy and when you enter the luau you are given a choice of a Mai Tai or local beer! The band plays music, children and adults can learn traditional Hawaiian dances, vendors are selling jewelry, and there are Hawaiian tattoo artists! It is a very fun atmosphere which is preceded by delicious food!
The food is amazing. Any and every kind of Hawaiian food is prepared. From the Poi to the smoked pig that is brought in by performers of the luau, it is an impressive spread that exceeded my expectations. Going to an event at a corporate hotel, you don’t expect perfectly prepared and authentic food, but it was a pleasant surprise when trying all of the dishes. I have to say that the island style steak was definitely one of my favorites! Following the delicious entrĂ©e dishes are an overwhelming selection of delicious desserts that you can’t have just one of! There is also plenty for children to find appetizing, which always helps when you are trying to enjoy yourself with little ones around. Enjoying the luau also means the adults get to enjoy the selected unlimited drink list, including the fresh mai tai’s and yummy Kona Longboard Beer! After everyone has enjoyed most of the meal the show starts. Top performing dancers enter the stage to join the band for a beautiful display of Polynesian stories through the hula. The girls are beautiful and the men really know how to put on a show. The show takes the audience through each of the South Pacific Islands and tells a story about each island. It really is a special event. After enjoying the show the dancers allow anyone from the audience to take pictures with them. It is a beautiful and memorable event for families and friends to enjoy together, and the Hyatt PoiPu Beach puts on a top notch show! Everything about the evening is fun and beautiful and I don’t think that anyone would have a complaint in the world!


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