The Washington Plaza, DC

                The Washington Plaza Hotel is a little tiny slice of Miami put in the middle of Washington DC.  The architecture of the hotel is very modern and airy with elegance.  It is light and vibrant with some color which is different and refreshing for being in Washington DC.  Most of the hotels in DC don’t have the resort fell to them and the Washington Plaza definitely does.  The rooms are very spacious with comfortable and fun colors.  There is a huge presidential suite that can be rented for a very large amount of money, but if you are looking to have a Miami experience in DC, and have the money, then it could be worth it!  The big draw to the Washington Plaza Hotel is that there is a beautiful outside pool.  It is very chic and there is pool service from the bar and restaurant.  Most of the hotels in DC, if they have a pool, it is indoor, so this is one of the most appealing features of the hotel. 

                The hotel also offers two tasty restaurants, the International Bar and Ten Thomas Restaurant.  Ten Thomas serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, which for the most part is all reasonably priced.  Some of the entrees may get a little expensive for what the meal is, but most everything is locally grown and the chef prepares everything fresh in a very chic setting.   The food is very tasty and the setting makes a fun day or night out.  The International Bar serves a variety of fun drinks and cocktails and offers a smaller menu that is very affordably priced.  I don’t know if I would say that the hotel is an overall child friendly stay.  There were children in the pool and walking around with families, it is to be expected when you visit Washington DC, but most of the singles laying poolside were not happy when they got splashed.  Though this would not rate as one of the top hotels to take your children, I think it is fine to take children there, my toddler did great, but it is a more mature cliental.  No matter what age you are staying at the Washington Plaza Hotel is an enjoyable experience. 

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