The Residence Inn, VA Beach

Yes beach season is over as we move into fall, but this is the best time to head out and get to Virginia Beach on a nice, sunny weekend.  Virginia Beach is such a fun place to go and as soon as the high of the summer season is over, the fun gets even better.  The crowds die down, not gone, but die down and when it is sunny it is still nice and beautiful.  The Residence Inn at Virginia Beach ocean front is probably one of the best kept little secrets.  It is perfect for family travel and they allow pets so the whole family can enjoy a little vacation!  After Labor Day dogs are also allowed on the beach with a leash.  Being a pet friendly hotel I was a bit worried about how clean everything was going to be, and someone that is a germaphobe with an infant in toe, it was immaculate.  The room was beautiful!  All rooms are suites with a kitchen and living room area and all have a balcony overlooking the ocean, which is amazing watching the dolphins in the early morning with a cup of coffee. 

The Residence Inn is a beautiful hotel with great rooms and great services.  The staff is very helpful and they offer great amenities.  There is a big breakfast in the lobby area every day, there is always fresh coffee and ice water out and some evenings they offer a dinner/ appetizer buffet as well.  It really is a great deal for what you pay for such a nice hotel.  The pool is indoors so it is nice if the weather turns bad and there is also a hot tub.  Staying in a suite with two children is definitely the way to go when traveling to a hotel.  It is so nice to have the convince of the at home amenities.  The Residence Inn in VA Beach is a great hotel that I will visit again, and for anyone else looking for a weekend beach trip it is worth checking out!

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