The Annapolis Sailing Boat Show

The sailing show in Annapolis is an awesome event for the whole family. There are so 
many fun boats to see and lots of yummy treats for the little one. There is also 
lots of fun bar booths set up for the adults. The docks are set up so that you can walk 
through the boatshow and look at different sailboats, charters, vacation deals, and 
much more! You do not have to be interested in purchasing a boat or a boat 
membership to enjoy this show. You should be able to have a love for the water 
and being on it though if you are interested in attending the show. The 
Annapolis sailing boatshow gives you different ideas about vacation and different 
types of memberships that you can buy to enjoy without having to own a 
boat. And nonetheless it is a fun day in Annapolis with sunny weather to just 
enjoy the town itself. The event itself was reasonably priced and the next event 
will be in the middle of winter. But it will still be worth checking out for 
somebody that enjoys being on the water and sailing. All of the vendors were very 
excited about seeing children and giving them lots of cool loot.  It was a fun family 


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