The Carousel at National Harbor

For all moms in the Washington DC area, the Carousel in National Harbor is a do not miss for the summer! National Harbor is directly across from Old Town Alexandria, VA, crossing into Maryland over the Potomac River, the Carousel can’t be missed. It is located right as you come off of the bridge and enter into the harbor, it is right along the river. The setup is perfect! There is a big kid’s park as well as a little baby area with play equipment. The park alone is great. The play equipment is fun and it is all gated it. And in the park is a Carousel! The prices are great, you can get an unlimited day pass for only $5.00. That all being said, you can take your children out for a couple of hours and they will have lots of fun with great entertainment. There are also picnic tables there so you are able to bring in food and drinks. It is also so nice how they have reclining beach chairs for the parents to watch their children. It is such a cool little park. It is just enough to make a couple of hours super enjoyable. And if you get tired of the park there are plenty of restaurants and shops to walk around to. National Harbor is always playing lively music, or live music with performances and there is a beach area that is super fun for children to also run around on. So activities are readily available and both mom and child will not be disappointed!
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